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At BC Diesel Generators we believe the customer is number one, which is why we aim to maximize our resources and deliver the best product and service out there. To better serve our customers we are able to offer lower margins and run at minimal overhead to provide wholesale prices to clientele worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re a homeowner, commercial or industrial business, government agency, or simply living off grid, a quality diesel generator ensures an uninterrupted power source and the confidence you’ll never be without power.

Gas Versus Diesel Generators


Diesel generators have a longer life span over other types of fueled generators as well as a low acquisition cost. The maintenance on a diesel generator also happens to be substantially less than the gasoline generator, not to mention, diesel used in a diesel generator is not as flammable as other fuels and is more reliable since it operates by using compression ignition and natural gas generators require spark ignition.

Natural gas and propane are an excellent fuel source for many things like cooking and heating your home, however, when it comes to power generation, they just don’t compare.  The majority of energy emitted from gas engines is given off as heat, leaving less than 30% of energy producing power to turn a generator. On the other hand, diesel engines have an efficiency of up to 50%.

New Advances

With the investment in new diesel technology, diesel engines today are 99% cleaner than they were just ten years ago. The new advances in diesel generators have significantly reduced their carbon footprint… it would take nearly 60 generators today to produce the same amount of pollution emitted from just one generator from a few years ago.

Quiet & Compact

In order to keep their small size, gas generators typically turn at about 3600 RPM, where as a diesel generator runs a lot quieter running at 1800 RPM.

Like most things, advances in technology and design have allowed for a much smaller and compact diesel generator then what once was. The availability of smaller units allows for easy installation in a variety of applications.


Those smaller gas/propane generators that run at 3600 RPM are only meant for emergencies, rarely lasting longer than 2000 hours. The excessive wear also mean you must change the oil in a gas/propane generator about every 100 hours. With a diesel generator, you’re looking at changing the oil every 500 hours.

Here’s a breakdown of what a generator costs to run for one day:

A $5000.00 Propane Generator / 3000 hours life x 24 hours = $40.00 a day

A $10,000.00 Diesel Generator / 20,000 hours life x 24 hours = $12.00 a day

Now add the fuel. If you wanted to produce 20,000 watts of power to supply an average home, a propane generator will use about 4 gallons an hour, a diesel would use 1.3 gallons an hour.

Propane at $2.40 per gallon x 4 gallons x 24 hours = $230.40 x 7 days = $1,612.80
Diesel $1.48 per gallon x 1.3 gallons x 24 hours = $46.18 x 7 days = $323.26

If you use your generator for one week, at this rate you will have spent $1,289.54 more for propane fuel over diesel to do the same job that a diesel generator could do.

And remember, you also have five times the oil and filter changes to do with a propane generator.

What You Should Know Before Ordering

Here’s a quick Get-Started list to help you through the ordering process. Things to know:

  • KW needed
  • What Voltage you need
  • Would you like open frame
  • Do you need a weather enclosure
  • Do you need a silent enclosure
  • What type of Fuel Tank: 8 or 12 hour
  • Do you need a recirculating heater
  • Do you need a battery charger
  • Would you prefer an Auto Start or Key Start Controller
  • Preference of Prime Power or Standby Power
Payment & Shipping

Various sizes of generators and trailers are available. Lead time for non-stock items is 8 – 10 weeks, subject to parts availability.

A minimum 50% deposit is required with your order & payment in full prior to shipment. In-Stock units can be picked up at our facility. Cheques must clear the financial institution prior to pick up or delivery.

Our Products

We can order various sizes of generators and brands such as the original Cummins engine with original Stamford alternator or the original Perkins engine with original Leroy Somer alternator.



We can also provide generators with the Perkins engine and the Stamford alternator, sound proof enclosure and an 8 hour base fuel tank.


Many of our generators come with a Cummins engine and a Stamford alternator, sound proof enclosure and an 8 hour base fuel tank. Please contact us directly for current pricing.

Calculate What You Need

This automated Power Requirement Calculator is provided to ensure you’re getting the right generator for your particular needs. Of course we’re always here to help so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have.

In-Stock Items

Financing terms available – 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months

300 Kw Cummins

300 Kw Cummins Diesel Generator

2012 – 300 Kw (375 Kva)  Cummins Generator, QSL9-G7 Cummins engine, Cummins alternator, 277/480 Volt, 3 phase, double wall 24 hour fuel tank, heavy duty air cleaner, power command control system, recirculating heater, silent enclosure. Only 6,403 hours

Price $45,250.00

Download the Specifications

155kw Engine
155kw Alum Tek Container

155 Kw Generac Diesel Generator

155 Kw (193.75 Kva) GENERAC Diesel Generator in Alum Tek 20′ container, 120v/208 Volt, 3 phase, 600A breaker, damper controls wired to house panel, 1140 litre fuel tank, 30A distribution panel with baseboard heat, interior lights, battery charger, recirculating heater, wired for pyrene fire alarm, wired for alarm contacts, includes single line diagram, Prison Unit – ONLY 183 hours.
Warranty: 6 months or 600 hours.

Click to view video!

PRICE $28,455.00

100 kw Generace NG

100 Kw Generac Natural Gas Generator

2013 – 100 Kw Generac NG Generator, 120/208 Volt, 3 phase, Upsized alternator 130 Kw, Only 2 hours, Open frame, Completely serviced and tested at Frontier Power.

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Price  $18,500.00 

Trailer Extra  $3,200.00

Download the Brochure

60kw Baldor

60 Kw Baldor Diesel Generator

2013 Baldor TS80 Generator, 80 KVA, 64 KW Standby, John Deere Engine, Voltage Selector Switch, 120/240 Volt, Single Phase, 120/208 Volt, 3 Phase, 277/480 Volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz. 120/240 receptacle plugs, silent enclosure, recirculating heater, base fuel tank (30 hr. @ 1/2 load, 16 Hr. @ Full load) mounted on Tandem Axle Trailer. Only 4,118 Hrs.

Click to view video!

Price  $24,050.00

Download Brochure

50kw diesel generator

50 Kw Prime Power Diesel Generator SINGLE PHASE

NEW…50 Kw Prime Power Generator, Cummins Diesel Engine, Stamford CSA alternator, 120/240 Volt, SINGLE PHASE, DSE7320 MK11 controller, 8 hour base fuel tank, recirculating heater, battery charger, silent enclosure.

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40kw Cat diesel generator

40 Kw Caterpillar Generator

2010 – 40 Kw (50 Kva) Caterpillar Diesel Generator, Cat 4.4 engine, Cat EMCP 3.1 Controller, 12 lead re-connectable, 120/208V, 3 phase, recirculating heater, battery disconnect, open frame, 2222 hours,

Price $14,100.00

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Download the Specifications

random image

Coming in February 2018

105 Kw, 150 Kw

CUMMINS engine, CSA Stamford alternator, 3 phase, voltage selector switch, 12 hour double wall fuel tank, UL breaker,  recirculating  heater, DSE battery charger, DSE 7320 controller, silent enclosure.

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random image

Coming in February 2018

9 Kw, 12 Kw and 19 Kw

PERKINS engine, CSA Stamford alternator, single phase, 120/240V, 12/24 hour double wall fuel tank, UL breaker,  recirculating heater, DSE battery charger, DSE 7320 controller

Download the 9 Kw Specifications
Download the 12 Kw Specifications
Download the 19 Kw Specifications

Komatsu Forklift

Komatsu Forklift

3000 lb. Komatsu FB15M-3 forklift, triple stage mast, 189″/86″ with sideshift, 42″ forks, 48V new reconditioned battery, 48V battery charger, 4,233 hours.

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Price $11,500.00

10' - 2017 MaxForce Trailer

2017 - 10' MaxForce Trailer

2017 – 10′ x 5′ MaxForce Trailer, single axle, 5,000 lbs.GVW

Price: $3,200.00

Ramrod 3300 Mini Skid

2017 RAMROD 3300 Mini Skid

2017 Ramrod, Model 3300 Mini Skid, Ride on Platform, Perkins Diesel engine, 33 HP, 9″ bidirectional track system, 44″ smooth bucket, 102″ lift height, 3300 lb. capacity, 22 litre fuel tank, plus extra set of 9″ tracks.

PRICE $26,500.00

Click to view the video!

Mini Skid Steer 3300 Specifications

Ramrod 1350 Mini Skid

2017 RAMROD 1350 Mini Skid

2017 Ramrod, Model 1350 Mini Skid, Ride on Platform, Kubota Diesel engine, 33 HP, 9″ track, 42″ smooth bucket, 72″ lift height, 1350 lb. capacity, 30 litre fuel tank

PRICE $21,900.00

Mini Skid Steer 1350 Specifications

Various Ramrod attachments

Various Ramrod Attachments

Rotoliller – $2,100.00
Dozer Blade – $1,680.00
Pallet Lift Forks – $600.00
Carry All Leveller – $500.00
High Reach Roll Over Bucket – $1,350.00
Post Hole Auger with 6″ & 9″ Augers – $1,650.00

mini-skid-rototillerRamrod_rollover_bucket Mini_skid_forks carry-all-leveler Ramrod_dozer-bladeRamrod-post-hole-auger

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

We have access to hundreds of quality generators… just let us know what you need and we’ll make sure you get the quality generator you’re looking for at the wholesale price you like.


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